Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551
Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551

Department of Psychology

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The department of psychology has been established at Abbottabad University of Science and Technology with the aim of creating competent psychologists and researchers. Psychology is the science of human mind and behavior, is very useful for the welfare of mankind in all walks of life. In Psychology department of AUST we provide appropriate lessons, experiments and trainings to produce competent academics and researchers. Our programs are up to date and according to the modern world requirements. The administration and our competent faculty are devoted to educate, motivate, counsel and guide our young scholars. Keeping in view the advanced educational methodologies with interactive learning, we welcome to all who wish to pursue skilled training along with advanced professional knowledge to meet the various challenges and techniques in the field of psychology. I wish our department and University would be remembered forever.

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Psychology Block – AUST 

+92 992 402128

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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In the BS Program, the study of Psychology provides an understanding of the basic processes of sensation, perception, learning, cognition, development, and personality along with the principles of Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Behavioral Neuroscience.




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