Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551
Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551

Department of Computer Science

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Chairman Computer Science

Dr. Muhammad Naeem

In this modern era, Computer Science is an enormously vibrant field. Since its inception, just half a century ago computing has become the defining technology of our age. Computers are integral to modern culture and are the primary engine behind much of the world’s economic growth. Moreover, the field continues to evolve at an astonishing pace.
The Department of Computer Science, was established in Fall 2010. The department is offering BS in Computer Sciences and BS in Software Engineering. The graduating students of the department are providing services in various walks of life like atomic energy, space exploration, software houses and government sectors. The Department has its tradition to select the meritorious students and polish their abilities by qualified and expert faculty members. The department also offers Internship to its students to furnish their skills according to the industry/market needs and jobs requirement.


Computer Science

Software Engineering

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The BS in Software Engineering degree will equip students with technical knowledge of the fundamentals of computer systems, programming languages, and the basic concepts of algorithms and data structures that are required to establish reliability and safety in software.

BS (Computer Science)

Bachelor’s in Computer Science typically covers areas like computer programming, software engineering, computer hardware, and artificial intelligence engineering. Students may examine topics such as computability, information, automata, and algorithm design



The MS (Computer Science) comprises of both course work as well as a research component. There are four ‘core courses’ aimed at strengthening the understanding and competence of students in computer science fundamentals.

Projects by CS Department

NGIRI is a program executed by Ignite that aims to provide financial support to selected Final Year Projects (FYP) of undergraduate students, enrolled in ICT-related disciplines to promote R&D and Innovation at the grassroots level.

Smart Parking System for AUST

Supervised By: Mr. Imran Khan
Received Rs. 50,000/-

Smart Parking is a parking strategy that combines technology and human innovation in an effort to use as few resources as possible—such as fuel, time and space—to achieve faster, easier and denser parking of vehicles for the majority of time they remain idle.

Traffic Control System for Emergency Vehicle

Supervised By: Mr. Zubair Tahir
Received Rs. 68,000/-

The Intelligent Traffic Control System for Emergency Vehicles (ITCSEV) model learns to identify an emergency vehicle and respond with a better decision, which allows the Traffic Control System to manage the traffic situations on the vehicular network and to save a significant amount of time

Latest Research

Modified hemp fibers intended for fiber‐reinforced polymer composites used in structural applications—A review. I. Methods of modification

Dr. Asim Shahzad

Natural fiber composites have experienced a renaissance in the last two decades as a
response to societal demands for developing eco‐friendly…

A proposed formulation for multi-objective renewable economic load dispatch

Mir Jamal Udin

This research work proposes a combination of three major renewable energy sources with thermal power sources (solar, wind and hydro) which have not been combined before. 


Cyber Security Society

A group of students with an interest in computer security, learning how to make systems more secure by getting hands-on and learning how attacks are carried out, as well as looking at other interesting areas in security. 

Society of Computer Science & Software Engg.

In Computer science society, we provide a valid platform to the students for showing up their skills technically and non-technically. Where different technical and non-technical events take place. 

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