Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551
Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining Engineering

Head of Institute (HoI)

Engr. Dr. Ijaz Ali

Abbottabad is the educational hub of the Hazara region and a gateway to the major tourist attractions in the northern areas of Pakistan. It attracts visitors from across Pakistan and around the globe for its lush green hills and pleasant climate. Hence, we at IMMME are fortunate to be situated right in the middle of all the excitement and contribute to the innovation and excellence making a vibrant work destination. On top of this, our presence on the route of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in the vicinity of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) will provide us numerous opportunities to contribute towards the development of national and international economy.
The IMMME is a first-of-its-kind engineering department, where we strive to be the frontrunners in science, technology, engineering, and management (STEM) education especially for the local community and generally for everyone in our fields of expertise. Therefore, at IMMME, we have a team of faculty with an established expertise and skills in teaching, research, and training to ensure excellent transfer of knowledge to produce a well-rounded and well-equipped next generation of scientists and engineers. Our institute will continue to move the needle in educational and research endeavors. The Institute will provide education and training in the field of extraction and materials processing by taking full benefit of its geolocation location. The institute is the pioneer in terms of initiating unique training and research focused on local natural resources.
We are delighted to have Prof. Dr. Tahir Irfan Khan as our Vice Chancellor, who himself is a distinguished researcher with international reputation in the field of materials science and engineering. His inspirational leadership is helping the institute to grow nationally and internationally.
One of our most important and rewarding activities shall be the Open Day, a day-long event open to the public that will introduce them to the wonders of materials science, minerals technology and mining engineering. When people think of Abbottabad as a destination for travel, Hattar industrial state, Sajjikot waterfall, Thandyani and Shimla hill come to mind, but IMMME is the place to be for exciting discoveries and a fun introduction to the world of materials, minerals, and mining.
We hope you’ll stop by for a visit soon!


To be recognized as a hub for education, professional training, and research in the domain of material’s extraction and processing using conventional and advanced tools. Our affiliates will attain prominence in industry and academia through knowledge, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial skills.


To uplift the region’s economy by skilling graduates for the extraction and processing of materials and minerals. The Institute aims to promote and develop advanced engineering knowledge and applications to help the industry in meeting existing and future challenges.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
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Department of Minerals and Mining Engineering