Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551
Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551

Dr. Abida Parveen

Assistant Professor
Research Interests
  • Natural product isolation, de-novo structure elucidation and characterization of natural products
  • Assessment of herb-drug interactions and bio-activity for safety and efficacy
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant samples and dietary supplements by developing validated analytical methods using hyphenated UHPLC-MS, HPTLC, etc.
  • Morpho-anatomical study of medicinal plants


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Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor (BPS-19), 1st June 2015- present Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Havelian, Pakistan
  • Assistant Professor (BPS-19), 8th November 2010 -31st May 2015 Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Havelian Campus, Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan
  • Lecturer (BPS-18), 29th September 2006-7th November 2010 Faculty of Pharmacy, Gomal University, D. I. Khan, Pakistan


1. “Poster Award First Place”, 19th International Conference on the Science of Botanicals, Oxford, MS, United States. April 8-11, 2019
2. “Poster Award 3rd Place”, Pharmacy Podium session, Graduate Student Council 9th Annual Research Symposium, University MS, USA. March 26, 2019
3. “Poster Award 2nd Place”, Pharmacy Poster, Graduate Student Council 8th Annual Research Symposium, University of Mississippi, USA, 2018
4. Honorable Mention Prize, 17th International Conference on the Science of Botanicals, Oxford MS, USA. 2017
5. Fulbright PhD Scholarship Award. 2014
6. Gold Medal for distinction in B. Pharmacy by Gomal University, Pakistan. 1999
Reviewer for International Journals:
Journal of Natural Products, Natural Product Research, Fitoterapia, Human and Experimental Toxicology, Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology