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Admission Office : 0992811720. Examination Office : 0992922550 , 922551

Harnessing Sustainable Energy with HEC’s HEDP Grants: AUST’s Solar Power Plant

The recent inauguration of Abbottabad University of Science & Technology’s (AUST) 50 KW Solar Power Plant, graced by the presence of His Excellency The Governor/Chancellor Haji Ghulam Ali, signifies a remarkable feat in the realm of environmental responsibility and financial prudence. This visionary project, promising substantial cost savings for the university, has been made possible through funding generated from grants provided by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) under the Higher Education Development Program (HEDP).

The collaboration between AUST and M/s Renewable Power exemplifies how forward-thinking educational institutions can capitalize on HEDP grants to invest in sustainable energy solutions. This aligns not only with environmental sustainability but also serves as a strategic step in optimizing financial resources.

In the words of His Excellency Haji Ghulam Ali, “The inception of the solar power plant is a testament to the profound impact of HEC’s HEDP grants in championing sustainable practices and unlocking the full potential of our financial resources.”

AUST’s solar power plant is anticipated to significantly curtail the university’s operational expenses through the generation of clean, renewable energy. These realized cost savings will enable the university to reallocate resources to essential areas, ultimately elevating the standards of education, research, and student services.

M/s Renewable Power, the chosen company for the project’s implementation, has meticulously designed the solar power plant with a focus on efficiency and long-term cost savings. Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the project’s success, allowing AUST to fully leverage the potential of HEDP grants.

Prof. Dr. Mujaddid ur Rehman, Vice Chancellor Abbottabad University, underscores the significance of HEC’s support, stating, “HEDP grants have played a pivotal role in realizing this ambitious sustainable energy project. Their impact extends beyond the ecological benefits, empowering us to make strategic financial decisions that ultimately benefit our educational community.”

This project serves as a model for universities across the nation to harness grants such as HEDP for advancing their sustainability endeavors, effectively paving the way for a greener and more financially efficient future.

Furthermore, the acquisition of M/s Renewable Power’s services was achieved through a competitive bidding process, with the contract valued at Rs. 11,425,000/-. In an exceptional demonstration of commitment to education and sustainable energy, the company additionally provided a generous donation of Rs. 1.5 million following their successful bid.

This extraordinary gesture further reinforces the shared vision of AUST and M/s Renewable Power in enhancing education, advancing sustainability, and exemplifying the positive outcomes that can be achieved when businesses and educational institutions join hands to shape a brighter future.