• Study the effect of vitamin -C loaded  chitosan nanoparticles mixed nano-Feed on growth performance of early stages of fish Mahseer

PI:Dr. Imad Ullah / Dr. Muhammad Ayub Jadoon- 17,may , 2018

  • Analytical univalent and multivalent functions in geometric function theory with applications                                            

PI:Nazar Khan / Dr.sarfaraz Ahmed – 29,november,2016

  • Evaluation and optimization of beta-secretase inhibitors for treatment of alzheimer’s disease                        

 PI: Dr.Khurram Shoaib , Co-PI :Dr.Nusrat Shaheen -2018

  • Synthesis of polymer based nanocomposites as catalyst for hydrogen generation and reduction of different organic pollutants      

PI: Dr.Fayaz Ali , CO-PI :Dr. Nusrat Shaheen- 2018

  • Mycoremediation:A treatment for heavy metals pollution of soil using indigenous metallotolerant fungi           

PI: Dr.Ibrar Khan

  • Isolation and characterization of Quorum quenching and Quorum sensing Bacteria from soil samples      

PI: Dr Qismat Shakeela

  • Use of Bacteriophage for controlling citrus canker disease caused byXanthomonasaxonopodispv.citri         

PI: Dr. Mujaddad Ur Rehman

  • Promotion of Synthetic Biology (phase-II)            

PI: Dr. Mujaddad Ur Rehman

  • Thermoelectric properties of RIn3 compounds for power generation   

PI: Dr. Muhammad Shafiq , Co-PI: Prof. Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad

  • Enriched Boron (10B) Nitride Nano crystals: A Potential Element for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy and Hyperthermia   

PI: Dr.Pervaiz Ahmad ,Co-PI: Prof. Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad

  • Enhancing of Laser without inversion via Kerr nonlinearity    

PI: Dr.Hazrat Al, Co-PI: Prof. Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Bi5-xRxTi3FeO15 Ceramics    

PI: Dr.Fida Rehman , Co-PI: Prof. Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad

  • Synthesis and Characterization of metal oxide semiconductors nanowires      

PI:Dr.Muhammad Imtiaz Khan ,Co-PI : Dr. Tariq Ali

  • Efficient synthesis of novel hydrazones and oxadiazoles derivatives and evaluation of its pharmacological activities

PI:Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain

  • Investigation of accumulation and genotoxicological effects of heavy metals in some edible fish species of River Swat

PI: Dr.Muhammad Siraj / Dr Imad Ullah Salar -19 september 2018

  • Searching the Alteration for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders 

PI:Dr. Rizwan-ul-Haq , Co-PI: Dr. Azhar Sherkheli- 2017